Spotify : a new interface to the service of podcasts and music

If you have not already done so, you should very quickly discover a new interface in Spotify app on iOS and Android, if you are among the paid subscribers. The service has detailed this refresh deployed anywhere in the world.

It consists of a reorganization of the section “My library” where the podcasts — the new fad of Spotify, who sees it as a major lever for its growth — are located on the same level as the music. One toggles between the two categories of a tap or slip sideways.

The column “Music” includes all that is shown in the section “Playlists”, those you create and those that Spotify assembles for you.

A new playlist appears, named (in English) “Liked Songs”. She put together the pieces for which you have touched the icon of the heart. Like others, it can be downloaded for listening offline. When it is disconnected from the network, the app strives to list first of all the playlists available in your local area, for use more quickly.

Always in “Music” we have the categories “Artists” and “Albums”. A new practice : in the options menu of an album, a command is used to download of a sudden all of the titles to add them to its playlist “Liked Songs”.

The other big piece is the category of “Podcasts” with three sections : “Episodes”, “Downloads” and “Shows”. In the first we have in mind the episodes are begun but not ended, then the new episodes waiting to listen to the podcasts you follow. “Download” is self-explanatory, just like “Shows” where one manages his subscriptions.

Unlike Apple, which cleaves music and podcasts in two apps, Spotify brings them together so that in one and equal importance in their presentation.

The catalogue of podcasts seems, however, well below the one referenced by Apple, at least for the content in French. There is, but it is quite odd. Mainly indie, the programs of the radio are traditional very little present.

To meet finally, the playlist of “Your” Daily Drive”, appeared for the first time in early may, is still there and seems to want to install. It consists of pieces of music interspersed with news flash or podcasts, moderately long. The idea is to offer content (renewed, a priori, twice a day) to occupy his journeys. We find somewhat the spirit of a morning on a FM radio.

Spotify has yet to formally release on this new list and the content offered has a good margin of progression. How much the choice of music titles, holds the road, as much for the podcasts everything is to be done.

In my case I’ve had in proposals for automatic content americans, as a flash of the Wall Street Journal on the market trends or an analysis of the New York Times on the Italian political landscape.

Spotify master the recommendation of pieces of music, but for podcasts it is a any other site that opens, can be more complicated.