Suicide of Mary Max : $ 2 million of jewelry not found

A few days ago, we learned the death of Mary Max, the famous wife of the artist psychedelic German Peter Max. She was probably given the death in the weekend of 8 and 9 June 2019, at his apartment in new york city. This woman of 52 years old died from a “suffocation by nitrogen” (nitrogen), according to a police source cited by several u.s. media. Only, an incident reported by Page Six just question the hypothesis of suicide.

Our colleagues report that not less than $ 2 million of jewelry would miss at the home of Mary Max, and her husband. “It is a lot of jewelry. Where are they ? The members of his family ask where are these jewels ? Nobody knows !“, reports a source close to the folder.

The only property of Mary are her jewelry. The family of Peter said that the jewels belong to him, as he is a widower and that he has purchased, “continues the same source. Recall that the family of the artist had embarked on a real court battle against Mary Max, accusing him of having wanted to kill her husband in order to take control of his art collection to several million dollars. At the age of 81, Peter is suffering from “advanced dementia” for several years.

The history of these jewels is all the more suspicious that Mary “trimbalait always her jewelry with her, sometimes in a paper bag. She cleaned all the time, was obsessed by the diamonds and Peter offered them a lot, “adds another source to Page Six. The new york police would still be investigating the death of Mary Max.

Only the lawyer of the decedent has agreed to tell me more about these jewels missing. “The main part of his collection was made with Peter… the real value of these jewelry is that they were created to two. These jewels reminded him of good memories, that’s why they were very important to it“, he concludes. Case to follow.