Swamp Thing : The series DC cancelled after only one episode

Credits DC Comics

Appeared for the first time in the House of Secret #92 in July 1971, the swamp creature, more known under the name of Swamp Thing, had never really achieved the success on television that it deserved. This year, it was thought that DC was going to succeed in reversing the trend, adapting (finally) the enigmatic character of Alec Holland in a series worthy of the name. A promising idea, but finally settled as a blown. Launched on may 31, on the platform of the DC Universe, the series Swamp Thing has finally been cancelled, after the online bet of a single episode of the first season if you believe the information on the site, TVLine, as relayed by Engadget.

Even before its release, Swamp Thing had already shown some signs of weakness. Season 1, which was expected after 13 episodes, had already been planed, up to not more than 10. An interruption of shooting not presaged nothing good for the suite, and which has finally been prophetic. Likely to be cut short because of several disagreements between the show runners of DC Entertainment, Warner Bros and Atomic Monster Production, Swamp Thing will be so no season 2. Season 1 on the other hand, even if the latter has been quickly killed in the egg, however, it should be broadcast in full (or 10 episodes) on the DC Universe. The subscribers will discover an additional episode each Friday. And for all those who would like to absolutely discover the character in a better light, we can only recommend the excellent run The Reign of Swamp Thing by Charles Soule, published by éditions Urban Comics in 2015.