Tarantino is preparing a sequel to Django… With Zorro

In 2012 came out Django : Unchained, which was going to blow up the box office and become the greatest commercial success of a director who never lacked but not. You never know it may not be, but the film has already had its sequel : it was two years after its release, in 2014, in the form of a comic strip called Django/Zorro. The critical reception mixed that has received this series has not discouraged the famous film director, who now wishes to make a portage on the big screen.

A crossover that promises to be explosive

A crossover of the most ambitious, even improbable, but aficionados of the director of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, you know it is not a contradiction near and will stop at no association of ideas. See the famous black mask to evolve alongside Django in the cup of one of the professionals most eccentric of the environment is an exciting prospect : this leaves the already expect a few scenes of combat chaotic the sabre and in the six-shots.

But no release date or casting for the moment; it is just if the identity of the writer-namely, Jerrod Carmichael (Neighbors, Transformers : The Last Knight…)- has been revealed. The project, which should be carried by Sony, would be in the discussion since the release of the comic in 2014 (after e-mail exchanges revealed in the hack of Sony, according to Collider), but the leaders of the group refused to comment for the moment. According to Comicbooks, Tarantino should not direct the film himself but delegate the production and supervise… potentially to be able to invest in his Star Trek ?