Taxes : The government website crash 24 hours before the deadline

Credits Stevepb via Pixabay CC

You decided that you wanted to pay your taxes yesterday evening, just hours before the deadline ? You were obviously not the only ones. Monday 3 June, the site a known bug is unprecedented, probably due to a too high influx of last-minute. Result, 24 hours before the deadline, the spaces of online statements were simply inaccessible. A bug that has been spotted from 22.30, and that has given rise to numerous reactions on social networks. On Twitter, several taxpayers have reproached the account of the Management of public Finances and theTax Service, describing this bug to “shame” a few hours of the deadline.

In order to relieve the minds of the French, and the bandwidth of the site, it is ultimately the minister of the public Accounts Gérald Darmanin , who spoke on Twitter last night, explaining that “the heavy influx of connection of the last moments (knew) a few difficulties”. In the Face of this thorny problem, the government has made the decision to leave 48 hours more to the taxpayers for their income tax return. While the deadline was previously set at tonight midnight, it will be possible to pay their taxes until Thursday evening, at 23: 59. A time limit that should allow many of the latecomers to blow a little before the deadline. As a reminder, the online reporting was not (yet) required this year, but it could benefit from an additional period.