Test of Hot Wheels id : drive small cars connected

For a lot of small and big boys (and girls), the small Hot Wheels cars are a staple of the long afternoon, rainy and festive evenings between buddies. But now, roll models on circuits it is very nice, however Mattel, the manufacturer of Hot Wheels, could not be satisfied with it.

After all, the players bathe for a long time in the era of all things digital and connected. Mattel had to imagine cars that are capable of interacting with a mobile application, while avoiding to sell the soul of the small Hot Wheels.

Zoom !

“Hot Wheels ” service id” is the result of this cogitation. Cars miniature collectible, a circuit modular, challenges to complete in the real and in the virtual, in short, it all looks amazing, but before you enjoy it you will need to spend 189,95 € to acquire the circuit Smart Track.

Fast and dangerous

Whether for the kids or for a user who has more bottle, plan of the place. The packaging is impressive, and the circuit once mounted will occupy a good part of the floor. Unpacking is like Christmas day : it is necessary to remove from their boxes a bunch of small parts and pieces of circuit.

The Smart Track consists of 16 pieces of track (including a 360, a ski jump and two turns), the Portal of the course, a manual pump, as well as two small cars. The pieces of track are connected to each other through connectors USB-A (one male and one female at each end). We can do all sorts of paths by multiplying the pitfalls on the road.

The result of many hours of hard work.

As for the cars, they are adorable and quite in the style of Hot Wheels. The two thumbnails provided in the box are reproductions of the Rally Finals and Super Blitzen. You will find on the Apple Store models of major brands, such as Aston Martin, a Mercedes , or a Corvette. The unit price of these carts is 7,95 € — Mattel will launch 51 (!) models this year.

Before devouring the bitumen, plastic, it is necessary to master the delicate art of the pump : it is she and the two straps on the inside that propel the thumbnails on the circuit. You have to push on it too hard, but not too slowly either, it can demand a little training.

The most nags (which I am) so will have to learn to curb their instincts and play fine. This as well as the pump in question has a tendency to hang in the low position if you push it a little too strong.

The first few minutes are fun, even before you connect anything to its iOS device. It takes a lot of fun to ride the circuits, to test them, to improve them, to attempt the things the most improbable. And it is really fun to see cars drive over it to all berzingue… avoiding as much as possible the outputs of the road.

The need for speed

The central element of the circuit Smart Track, the core of the reactor of the device of Hot Wheels id, this is the Portal of the race. It is a piece of the road that fits in the piece simply as the pump. It recharges through a USB port-C (a cable USB-C/USB-A is supplied).

The cars incorporate an NFC tag that give them a unique identifier (the famous ” id ” of Hot Wheels id). You just place a vehicle on the Portal for the app mate will recognize it immediately.

Under the car, an NFC tag.

The app will also scan the NFC tag of the vehicles to identify them.

And it is rolling on the Portal of the course that the app measures the speed of the car and the number of laps run. It is this which gives the salt of Hot Wheels id ! The application that comes with the Smart Track includes two games that will take advantage of golf carts and connected to their circuit.

The first, ” Game play free “, as reproduced on the screen of the iPhone or the iPad the circuit created by the user — thanks to the famous built-in USB ports to the different pieces of the track, which allows them to communicate with the Portal race. Unfortunately, we do not see swerving cars at the same time as on the physical circuit. On the other hand, we get their speed, the number of revolutions per minute of the pump and the speed of the lap (in race, the Portal can save the data of the six-car maximum).

The second game, ” Campaign “, proposes to accomplish the challenges in combining dexterity and precision. Each challenge requires you to assemble a specific circuit with the various elements of the Smart Track. The curve progression of the campaign allows you to take in hand the specifics of the device, and also imagine new circuits.

The other two activities grouped under the banner “Game portal” does not require that the portal of course to combine it with pieces of traditional circuits. There is one game shy with a car to blow them up in a stack of cubes. The other game is a speed run basic where the cars in contention are classified according to their speed to the tower.

The game Sling.

The game Speed pure, plain and simple, but who should know a good success to determine once and for all who is the fastest.

Ça va clencher !

Collect Hot Wheels, this is part of the charm of small cars, whether they are physical or virtual. The application of Mattel, therefore, allows to unlock a good number of cars : physical, of course, by buying models id, but also virtual.

Before your garage becomes the object of the jealousy of your friends, it will be necessary to obtain the “blueprints” playing the racing game all that is most classic in the mode ” City “. Countless challenges await the pilot, who will have to compete against virtual opponents.

This section of the application is far from providing the thrill of racing the most brilliant’ never-tested on iOS. To find its quota of adrenaline, it is better to turn to the series of Asphalt. In spite of everything, the more complétistes will want to return to it regularly if they want to fill their garage.

In addition to the blueprints, the mode City can accumulate parts the id, the currency of the game. This money is used to improve the vehicles in its possession, whether of carts-physical or virtual versions which will compete in the various challenges. Improvements are essential to hold the high dragee in the face of adversaries more formidable.

If it misses the player a few parts id to improve the capabilities of his car, not to worry : it is possible to buy… with real money. Another artifice painful from the worst hours of the free-to-play, the fuel gauge : when empty, it activates a timer before the next full. Preventing in the meantime the driver of play, unless he agrees to spend a few coins.

These mechanisms freemium have nothing to do in a kit that sold for 190 €. They devalue the experience of a game that, until now, was rather nice. Fortunately, you can completely ignore this part of the application and use only the games that use the cars id

Hope that Mattel continues to expand the activities based on the technology id rather than overly invest in the game freemium, which seeks to pick the pockets of the players.

To conclude

The passage of the Hot Wheels in the wonderful world of everything connected is quite successful. Better yet, Hot Wheels id retains the essence of the models with four wheels which makes the happiness of fans of all ages, with golf carts that meet the standard classics of the brand, and a circuit that can multiply the variations.

Only downside but it is size, the pump seemed to be very fragile : the furious will too strong be for their costs. Always for the daredevils fans of speed, the cars tend to come out very easily from their circuit, and may cause a few accidents unfortunate.

The NFC technology is certainly low-key , but it is reliable and economical. Mattel did not want to embark on a project too ambitious connected car to control them from the iPhone as the models of fire the manufacturer Anki, and it is so much better. It is less packed by all the part of the freemium, which has no interest, otherwise fill out to good account the caisses of Mattel.