Test of the iPod touch 7G

You remember ? This was before the WWDC and its flood of new releases. Apple has presented a ” new ” iPod touch. The quotation marks are : with the exception of the processor, the iPod touch 7G is strictly identical to the iPod touch 6G, on sale since July 2015. This revision has minimum is cruel : the processor A10 Merger allows the iPod touch 7G to be just compatible with iOS 13. No other iPod touch will not receive software updates after the start of the year.

If changes are substantial, we will not deliver to you a test in good and due form. We will try instead to answer a few questions raised by this review. What good would it still update the iPod touch in 2019 ? Who is this device ? IPod touch 7G is it really suited for more advanced usage by Apple ? The answer in our “test” of the ” new ” iPod touch.

IPod touch 7G (promised : zoom in, and you will see the number A1278, while the iPod touch 6G was the number A1574).

The iPod touch to communicate with FaceTime

“Two times faster than before “, the iPod touch 7G ” allows you to enjoy FaceTime in the group “, says Greg Joswiak. The Apple vice-president responsible for the marketing has obviously never spent a video call from an iPod touch. It not otherwise that the front camera does not merit the slightest compliment. IPod touch 7G has a FaceTime HD camera, but the iPad 6 with a sensor 2 Mpx, not that of the iPad mini as well as a sensor 7 Mpx.

The camera is filming so in 720p HD rather than 1080p HD, and not the best 720p. Not enough light ? The noise increases as the image is full. Too much light ? The dynamic range is too small to preserve the areas over-exposed at the same time as the areas under-exposed. Just what light needed ? The image is not particularly piqued, fortunately, that the thumbnails of the FaceTime calls are lowercase.

In its plastic box, which is redolent of the mid-2000s.

In short, the webcam FaceTime HD takes us back five years back, as the home button without Touch sensor ID. So what, the teenagers that you see on the screen shots on the Apple site do not have the right to the same level of security as their parents ? This absence is all the more regrettable that the iPod touch could be a wonderful support private communications.

Install Signal or Threema, only connect to Wi-Fi networks of trust, and you get a device insensitive to the interceptors of the IMSI, since it does not have a cellular modem. But in the absence of sensor Touch ID, it is a device sensitive to attacks over the frontal. It compromises all the devices linked to the same iCloud account, with which it shares data, and in which it can receive codes 2FA or passwords through the Keychain iCloud.

The iPod touch for play

Include Apple : ” the new iPod touch also allows users to experience augmented reality fun as a professional “. The augmented reality experiences, and, more generally, all uses are fun, are meant to appeal to young users. IPod touch 7G is the first iPod touch is able to manage ARKit, thanks to its processor A10 Fusion quad-core. This processor is more recent than the one found in the iPod touch 6G, but not particularly modern either.

IPod touch 7G incorporates the processor of the iPhone 7 and iPad 6, but in an under-timed and much less efficient.

It is that he appeared with the iPhone 7 in September 2016. To make matters worse, the iPod touch 7G embeds a version under-clocked, running at 1.6 GHz rather than 2.3 GHz. In other words, Apple promotes some of the uses are more intensive than can be done from an iOS device, but gives the iPod touch 7G version anemic an ” old ” chip.

This performance gap is also noticeable in terms of graphics, even if the iPod touch 7G comes out honorably with its limited resolution.

The consequences are obvious : while the iPod touch has sometimes been regarded as ” the game console for Apple “, this new model does not arrive to collect the shock of the recent titles. Take PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, more known under the name of PUBG, one of the competitors of Fortnite. Authority, the game lowers the graphics quality to preserve a semblance of fluidity.

Even in severely reducing the quality of the graphics, PUBG is not totally smooth on the iPod touch 7G.

The textures are simplified, shadows and reflections are flattened, the texts are barely readable, and in spite of all the display is experiencing a few hiccups. The 4″ screen is not tiny, but it is not the large window overlooking the world increased by applications such as Ikea or Monsters Park. That is not surprising, therefore, that the page of the Apple site dedicated to the augmented reality does not show a single iPod touch.

Cro-Mag Rally ? No, PUBG.

However, it shows some iPad, it is quickly tiring to hold it at arm’s length. Conversely, one can keep the iPod in hand for hours, since it weighs less than 90 grams. You can, but it is not sure that we want to. Wedged at the chaussepied in a camera body 6.1 mm thick, the processor A10 Fusion heater, to the point that the aluminum hood is sometimes burning.

And then we can in theory, but not necessarily in practice. If the iPod touch 7G is lightweight, it is also that it has a small battery 3.99 Wh. You will not be able to watch videos in high-definition for more than six hours, or play newer games for more than three hours. And if you add a booster battery, the iPod touch will not iOS device the lightest of the range.

The iPod touch to listen to music

The iPod touch is also… an iPod. Since this model of seventh generation incorporates a chassis whose design dates back to 2015, it retains its 3.5 mm jack, which does not provide enough power to properly feed a headphone with high impedance. But this is not necessarily the kind of headphones that you plug in on the iPod touch : Apple provides a pair of headphones EarPods, and recommends of wireless headphones, the AirPods and the BeatsX.

What to buy an iPod touch instead of another player ? For Apple Music, first. Yes, it is a service of streaming, and iPod touch 7G only has a chip Wi-Fi. But it can also board — this is another novelty — up to 256 Gb of storage, on which you will be able to download your entire music library. A few players competitors run on Android, but few are those that allow you to install Apple Music (Astell&Kern specifically excludes the service from Apple).

The iPod touch is also… an iPod ! Unfortunately, the Music app is cramped on the small 4″ screen, especially with the ugly grey bar imposed on the users who dare to download music locally.

The iPod touch is also distinguished by its small speaker, certainly unable to fill a large room, but more than enough to listen to a podcast or watch a few videos. Finally, if its Retina display is no longer the best in the market, it is much superior to the atrocities that are in use on most portable players competitors. And of course, the iPod touch is not only a walkman, but has the catalog of hundreds of thousands of apps from the App Store.

The iPod touch as ” material business “

This is precisely the argument that explains its success in the business world. The iPod touch is iOS device the least expensive, even if Apple has increased the entry price of 10 €, there is no small profit. IPod touch 7G is an excellent terminal dedicated to business applications : it is a mobile pos in restaurants, it is an audio guide in museums, it is a remote control for machine tools in small plants, it is a tape recorder in the labs of languages, and much more.

But you know what ? All of these uses would benefit from a larger screen. The excuse of backwards compatibility with existing accessories has fizzled : Apple itself has dropped the iPod touch in favor of the iPhone, and therefore replaced the number of accessories, for his system EasyPay to mobile pos in its stores. And it included finally a GPS chip, it could make a great companion for the ride, cards in hand and music in ears.

The latest iPod touch to the sides of the first iPod.

But back to the argument for tariffs : to 249 € at Apple, and 229 € at Amazon, the iPod touch is also the test bench the least expensive for the developers. But is this still a unit relevant ? The iPhone knows its small success, but it is better to optimize its application to the screens of 4.7″. An application ARKit that runs correctly on the iPod touch will run properly on all devices, but the iPad 6 presents the same constraints on power, and allows you to test Touch ID and large displays without the cost much more expensive.

To conclude

Without requiring a total overhaul, which is clearly longer in the program, one can criticize this review as a minimum. IPad 6, in fact, shows the way. It is a mixture of well-tried components and parts are more modern, states with the latest software innovations. The iPad 6 is a great iPad, which has a clearly defined role in the range, as the iPad mini. The iPod touch is not expensive, but it was not for his money.

The mismatch between the objectives displayed by Apple and the reality of the product is obvious. FaceTime for adolescents ? The iPod touch has the worst webcam in the range. The augmented reality and games ? The iPod touch has the processor is the least powerful of the range. The ambitions in terms of protection of privacy ? The iPod touch is the only device of the range devoid of measures of biometric control.

The businesses who bought iPod touch 6G by cartons whole will continue to buy iPod touch 7G. But the developer who is looking for a device to install the betas, or the parent looking for a first camera for children, will be better to buy an iPhone 7 repackaged. For a few tens of euros extra, they will get a device truly adapted to the uses put forward by Apple, with a processor a little more powerful and a camera much more capable, a GPS chip and a cellular modem. And a Touch sensor ID.

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