[TEST] Super Mario Maker 2 break-in-t-he bricks ?

Credits Nintendo

Story Mode

If the story mode is – as most of the time with Mario – just a pretext for the sequence of levels, the big hundred of courses proposed in the title offers players a real diversity of gameplay, and at least a good ten hours of wandering through the different adventures iconic character. Inspired by Super Mario Bros (1985), Super Mario Bros 3 (1988), Super Mario World (1991), Super Mario 3D World (2013) and New Super Mario Bros U (2012), the’history is full of mechanical, previously unpublished, made by graphic universes also the cults that variety. With the arrival of the formidable victory conditions, each level is likely to take a different turn. Some courses require, for example, never jump, others do not take any damage before the flag final. This little twist adds to the gameplay a dimension that is really funny, making some levels are really complex.

The arrival of the world of Super Mario 3D World also allows the characters to drive the go-kart of Koopa, or take the famous cat suit, appeared for the first time on Wii U. Not only this last is particularly fun to wear, but it also allows you to use several new abilities, such as climb walls or climb the flag at the end of a level. A story mode full which could almost be enough by itself, but that ultimately has for vocation to put in value the level editor.

Build Mode

The story mode is definitely more sympathetic than expected, but it is obviously the level editor that gives the game its significance. By exploiting (finally) the touch features of the Nintendo Switch in portable version, the developers of the game managed to offer us an interface that is both simple and complete, much more interesting than was the (already very successful) first installment released on WII U. The grip is childish, the almost infinite possibilities. In total, several dozens of in-game items various that are available on each level, and used alone or in combination.

For example, it is possible to give a mushroom to the enemies to make them grow, to disguise a pair of wings to blocks platform to make their access more complex, to hide a bunch of secret rooms behind a pipe, or even rub up against the fearsome Bowser cat. The game manages to really exploit its strengths, while addressing some of the weaknesses that he wore on Wii U, which makes it both more successful, but also far more interesting than the first opus.

Online Modes and multiplayer

Provided you have a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online, it is also possible to share their level with the world, and rub to the imagination often machiavellian of the other players. Note that, in terms of the creation, it is (obviously) not possible to do anything. Just like in the first opus of the game, self-same succeed a level to be allowed to put it online. A guarantee for everyone not to fall on courses were impossible to finish. A detail which has its importance when it comes to curb our instincts and sadistic, attempting to create a level endless.

In solo play, the Challenge mode infinity offers players to rub shoulders with many levels designed by the community. Classified according to four different levels of difficulty according to their rates of success, these courses have for objective to make you lose a maximum of life. On your side, the goal will be to string the more missions possible without dying.

Another novelty of this new installment of Mario, the possibility of playing in multiplayer mode, in vs or in cooperation up to 4. A mode that has its limits, but which also demonstrates the willingness of Nintendo to develop the community aspect of the game. Not to speak of gameplay, it is now possible to choose the type of wanted level, thanks to the tags present on each of them. Instead, practice to find the placement perfect.