Tetris Royal will oppose 100 players of Tetris, and at the end, there remains a

A new Tetris game, it is always an event and the announcement of the evening will delight, no doubt fans of the diabolical puzzle Alexey Pajitnov. The Tetris Company and the studio N3twork created by ex-ngmoco (which Rolando) have unveiled the world Tetris Royale, a mobile game that will put to be taken… of 100 players.

The principle furiously reminds Tetris 99, a game published by Nintendo for the Switch in February and that has made a sensation. The concept of Battle Royale to the PUBG is returned to the sauce tetrominoes : 99 players face simultaneously and at the end, there remains a.

The two partners indicates that the player may try to complete daily challenges to get power-ups and boosts that can be used in the mode Royale. Options (probably paid) customization will also be proposed. For those who don’t like people, a mode named “marathon” will be available to eliminate the maximum of tetrominoes.

The game is currently still in development, unless one knows the date of release (a beta will be launched in the course of the year). The presence of veterans of ngmoco reassuring somewhat concerning The construction and especially, the ergonomics of the title. On iOS, the previous games Tetris never really have been conspicuous by their touch gameplay.