The beta public iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS are here : how to install them on your devices ?

After the first two betas for developers, Apple has finally launched the beta public of its new operating systems, presented at the beginning of the month at WWDC (our summary of the announcements). This increased 2019, we will mention a number of new features on macOS Catalina who abandons iTunes, iOS 13 with the addition of a mode dark, and especially iPadOS, an operating system is finally dedicated to slate of Apple.

While it takes a developer account to install the early betas, the betas public are available to everyone. You just need to register for the program of beta on the Apple site via the device that you want to update, and then downloading the profile to your iPhone/iPad/Mac by clicking on ” Register a device “. You will find by following the profile that you previously downloaded in Settings on the iPhone/iPad, and in System Preferences > software update on Mac.

Unlike iOS 12 last year that offered little news but a lot of stability, and which was already perfectly usable in the beta version, iOS 13, and iPadOS prove to be still quite unstable. On Mac, it is a little better, but you won’t be in the shelter of a kernel panic.

This is why we advise you to install these betas only on a rescue device, and not on a main unit on which you depend for work. Also, consider backing up your data (on iOS : Settings > iCloud > Backup to iCloud and on the Mac, connect an external hard drive and follow the instructions on the Time Machine) in order to avoid losing everything in case something goes wrong.

iOS 13 is available on the following devices :

  • iPhone

  • iPhone 6s and 6S Plus

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • iPhone 8 and 8 More

  • iPhone X

  • iPhone XS and XS Max

  • iPhone XR

  • iPod touch 7th generation

iPadOS is compatible with the following devices :

  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch

  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches

  • iPad Pro 11-inch

  • iPad Pro with 12.9-inch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation)

  • iPad Air

  • iPad Air 2

  • iPad Air 3

  • iPad 5th generation

  • iPad 6th generation

  • iPad mini 4

  • iPad mini 5

Finally, here are the Mac models compatible with os Catalina :

  • MacBook 12 inches (from 2015)

  • MacBook Air (mid 2012)

  • MacBook Pro (from mid 2012)

  • Mac mini (from late 2012)

  • iMac (end of 2012)

  • iMac Pro

  • Mac Pro (from late 2013)