The Blue eliminated : the players are upset in the arms of their loved ones

A hand of the American Kelley O’hara in the penalty area would have had to enable them to take a penalty and may be to restart the game. The arbitration has decided otherwise despite the possibility of having recourse to the video. Many do not understand. In the Face of the United States, the Blue were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the world Cup in the enclosure of the Parc des princes, Friday 28 June 2019. The adventure stops there.

When the whistle is blown, the emotion is too strong. Eugénie Le Sommer embraces her teammates and joined fast to the edge of the lawn where is his family in tribune. His nephews and nieces to the embrace. His companion Florian is also there. The player embraces it, then he takes it in his arms to comfort her.

The women’s Corinne Diacre have been able to count throughout the competition on the support of their loved ones. The captain Amandine Henry was by his companion, Karim Kessaci. The father of the player was there to take in the arm at the end of the meeting. The family of Wendy Fox wore high the French flag. Solène Durand was able to rely on the tenderness and the loving words of his mom. The attacking Viviane Assayi was wrong to hold back her tears while the defender Marion Torrent is, she, too, kissed her boyfriend.

At the end of the match, the captain Sarah Bouhaddi, who conceded the two goals of the American Megan Rapinoe took refuge on the bench near her coach Gilles Fouache. The young woman broke down in tears.

The heart of the French

The elimination of the Blue is all the more difficult in that it has a little taste of injustice. They should have had the penalty. It is the opinion of the captain Amandine Henry : “The penalty ? I don’t know what to say, she said at the end of the meeting on RMC Sport. With the VAR [the famous video support to arbitration, ED], it’s serious, but he should not count on the referee to win.” It is also the view of the former international Laure Boulleau, who commented live for Canal+ : “We find ourselves in a situation where the hand would have had to be whistled. I’m sorry but I do not understand.

The coach of the Blue Corinne Deacon refuses to spend too many words on the subject : “Listen, we could argue all night, she said to AFP. What’s the point ? We must stop here, I don’t think. However, the only regret that the we may have, it is the lack of attention at the end of a few minutes on the throw-in. We had identified, we had been warned, but it was not enough.

As a consolation, the women footballers have won the heart of the French since they were about 12 million at the track last night. From Japan, Emmanuel Macron has also paid tribute on Twitter in these words : “in Spite of their efforts and their talent, the competition stops here for our Blue. But they have definitely won the heart of the French ! Thank You, Ladies.