The calculator text Soulver 3 simplifies the interface

Soulver 3 is available in beta for macOS and this is a major update of this calculator text. The program, an all-new interface that automatically adapts to the mode dark of macOS and new functions. Side interface, the app simplifies its main window, and adopt a more modern style, with less icons. And about icon, the icon of the app has also been reviewed.

Solver 3 to the right, beside the current version of the app.

We still find the same bases, including a side bar on the right to view the results of each calculation. Soulver 3 adds another bar to the left, with all of the open documents, a little bit like on the iOS version of the app.

The presentation of the calculations is also changing slightly, even if the regulars will not be at home. For example, the securities are no longer reported by a @ in the beginning of the line, but by the # of Markdown. For the rest, we find all the usual functions of Soulver, with several new features detailed at this address.

Among the most significant changes, discuss the addition of computations of dates and periods. You can calculate the time between two times, add or subtract dates, and many other things. In the beta, it is necessary to use the English language exclusively, but it is an addition promising and very easy to access, since we can describe its motion with words.

Extract from the manual of Soulver 3 on the management of dates and times.

Soulver 3 has many other new features, like the ability to make calculations of proportions with the rule of three, a function to obtain the half of a value and more. Fans of automation will appreciate several tools added to an on-line tool commands, Automator actions, or integration with Alfred. To note, some changes to the logic in the calculations are detailed here.

The beta is offered free of charge on the website of Soulver, but this will be a paid upgrade. Complete pricing details are not yet known, nor the release date of the final version. We know, however, that macOS 10.14.4 will be needed at minimum to install it. The first version of Soulver 3 will not be translated into French, it will come by the end of the year.