The camera of the Galaxy S9 has finally found its night mode

It means here the sigh of relief of the holders of Galaxy S9 : the latest update unlocks finally a Night mode for the camera. A night mode almost to the height of the version S10 according to SamMobile. Not surprising, as the optics of the two devices are similar. You can compare the two and observe the effect of night mode by yourself on the page above. The update is for now available only in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines for now, but should happen very quickly.

The photo of night, an argument essential today

Night photography has become a must for all manufacturers in recent times. This is even more true since Google has thrown a huge stone into the pond, with the night mode is absolutely incredible Pixel 3. Since, the manufacturers are redoubling their efforts in a race to the best night photography. Even if the S9 is no longer the spearhead of the lineage of the Galaxy, the lack of night mode was the wrong kind and this gap has now been filled. According to SamMobile, the Note 9 should receive the same update very soon.

To check if the update is available on your S9, you can go to the Settings menu > software update, and you may be able to benefit you in the night mode.