The chains RMC Sport already leave Molotov

A small tour and then goes away. Appeared in February on Molotov, the chains RMC Sport have already left the platform. The bunch of sport is no longer marketed and the channels are no longer available.

Molotov evokes an experiment which ends, however, the press release that announced the arrival of these chains did not speak at any time of an experiment.

Rather, we should see a cooling of relations between Molotov and Altice. After The Echoes, the acquisition of a majority stake of the operator in the TV platform, which was announced in the beginning of the year is compromised. Molotov would seek new financial support and Xavier Niel, already a minority shareholder, could be.

While the platform is decreasing in the sport, it will get new program information with The Figaro Live, the video portal of the newspaper.