The drones Uber-Elevate will deliver Big Macs

The drones Uber-Elevate will not will not meals door-to-door. It is still too complicated to perform this type of operation : what would happen if the drone dropped its cargo on a passer-by in the middle of the street ? This is why this service and the delivery by road will be working together.

Deliver faster

The principle is to use the drones to speed up the transport of meals, then make them land on an area that is quiet or on the roof of a car, Uber Eats parked on a parking lot. The driver will then take possession of the package, and then will drive it to the customer. All at a price equivalent to that of Uber Eats : San Diego, the delivery charges can climb up to 8.50 $. Uber working with Mcdonald’s, the drones of San Diego will be carrying a Big Mac and fries.

According to Uber Elevates, his drones can cover an area of 2.4 km in 7 minutes instead of 21 minutes via the road. The future with flying machines of the company will be able to spin up to 110 km/h, but Uber expects the green light from the FAA, the american authorities in charge of air safety.

According to the group, it will take a good three years before the drones Uber Elevate can deliver their packages in several other cities. But patience could pay off. The activity of Uber Eats has generated a turnover of 536 million dollars in the first quarter, or 89% more than last year at the same period.

Receive food orders more quickly will be a strong argument for Uber Eats. This is why the company is pushing very hard on this lever to its growth, who also interested in some Amazon.