The Galaxy Note10+ strolls in the nature

It is less nice than 3D renderings, but images shared by TechTalkTV have at least the merit of presenting the Galaxy Note10 “real” — if they are genuine, of course. But with a launch that is expected to intervene in a little over a month, the odds of finding a unit in the leakage are high.

Learns-t-from these blurred images ? The large model of this smartphone which is already not a lot of room in its standard format is expected to be dubbed Galaxy Note10+ and not Galaxy Note10 Pro as some rumors suggested.

This leak also confirms the presence of a bubble centered at the top of the screen instead of on the right as on the Galaxy S10. The screen, which should be 6.75 inches on this model, is framed by a slim bezel on the top and a bit thicker at the bottom.