The iPad version of Shortcuts runs very well on macOS Catalina

The rumour mill was right on many points, but not that. Apple has not adapted the Shortcuts, not shortcuts, Siri, moreover, to macOS Catalina. The project Catalyst is official, and that developers can use to adapt their apps iPadOS apps macOS, Apple has not done this work.

However, it was possible and apparently not very complicated. In any case, nothing too complicated for the do-it-yourselfer crazy Steven Troughton-Smith has managed to create an app macOS for Shortcuts. If one believes what he says, it works very well and the interface is well-suited to use with the mouse.

Shortcuts on macOS, so close but unattainable… 😢

Unfortunately, this will not happen, at least not in the first version of Catalina. But let’s be honest, if Shortcut is not present in the first beta of mac os 10.15, it is likely that the app will not be added to the thread of the year. It will probably have to wait until at least next year, and macOS 10.16 for it.

Why is it so safe ? Shortcuts is no longer an app available on the App Store with iOS 13, it is a system app installed by default. You will be able to delete it, and restore it from the App Store, but this is more an app as the others, and that is for a good reason.

We have not yet had the opportunity to talk about it (promised it will), but the app Shortcuts has been widely reviewed in the iOS 13 and it features new automation options that were not possible before. You can activate a shortcut automatically at certain times or as a function of another parameter, such as connecting to a Wi-Fi network, or the arrival or departure of a place. The App Store apps do not have the required permissions to provide such functions, not even those from Apple and this is why his mode of dissemination has changed with the update.

A few automation options for run of the shortcuts in iOS 13. The app now works at the lowest level of the system, which prevents it from staying on the App Store as an app to ” normal “.

A good reason for the mobile users of Shortcuts, but those who expected the app to macOS will be for their expenses. It must be said that Steve Throughton-Smith has managed to get the interface of the app on his Mac, but the shortcuts remain inoperative. And on this point, it will no doubt require a lot of extra work on the part of Apple…