The iPhone XS in Bolivia to film the catch

The campaign “Shot on iPhone XS” has a new episode. After the sharks, surfers and hockey players, this time it is a clip filmed in Bolivia on a women’s association women fighters in their, “the Flying Cholitas”. A film shot by Michael Johnson, and Luisa Dörr. This last was pointed out in 2017 to a command of TIME magazine (read 12 covers of TIME made to the iPhone 5 until the iPhone 7).

Another clip also serves as a brief making-of and one learns what accessories were used : goals, a handful, a small motorized support, an app that specializes… : Freeflying Movi Cinema Robot, ROV Mobile Motorized Slider, FiLMiC Pro, adapter Beastgrip Lens and Rig System, goals, Moments and Canon EF Premium.