The memories of Bruce Sewell, former legal director of Apple

In front of law students, Bruce Sewell is back on the many highlights of his experience as legal manager of Apple from 2009 to 2017.

Tim Cook and Bruce Sewell. Image Apple.

The contract that makes Google the default search engine of Safari has been signed after tough negotiations, he told. These have lasted about four months and have asked Bruce Sewell, who worked directly with Tim Cook and Eddy Cue, meet almost every day Sundar Pichai and Kent Walker, his counterpart at Google.

The former chief counsel of Apple does not reveal the amount paid by Google to appear in the front-position in Safari. Goldman Sachs estimates that the bill amounted to $ 9.5 billion, or 20% of the total turnover of the services of Cupertino.

Direct the legal affairs of Apple, it is to have a budget of about a billion dollars and have under its responsibility 600 lawyers and other legal professionals, said Bruce Sewell. In a trial that took place against Samsung, there are 350 people working simultaneously.

An army of lawyers is not always synonymous of victory of justice. Apple has made the experience with the case of collusion with publishers around the iBooks Store, for which she was sentenced to a fine of $ 450 million.

Bruce Sewell accepts responsibility for this failure, as he puts it on the account of lack of information : ” It was things among a group of editors of which I was not aware of. If I had known, I would have adopted a different tactic. “ Despite this setback, the man has kept the support of Tim Cook : ” The reaction to Tim was, “You have done your best with the information that you had at your disposal”. “

When he decided in 2017 to retire, Bruce Sewell has waited five days before Tim Cook to respond to her e-mail, due to the busy schedule of the CEO. Finally, Tim Cook, sad to see from its chief legal officer, sent him ” the most beautiful “ responses.