The service replay MyTF1 will offer VoD funded by the pub

Netflix, OCS, or Amazon Prime Video have become serious competitors to the television channels traditional. These last have, however, put in place services for the replay, in the manner of 6play, Arte+7, or The latter will also be entitled to a youthful look as it will soon change its logo and interface from the 11 of June next, as we learn from our colleagues NextInpact.

But this is not all. In addition to replays of the programs, this new service will offer new content and ” 100% digital “, so never broadcast on the channel. It is approximately 2500 hours of new features that will complement the 300 programs that are already available on the terrestrial television channels of the group. A strategy quite similar to that of M6.

As its new ” competitors “, It will be possible to take advantage of an algorithm of the recommendation, of the VOST but also continuously watching (from one device to the other). The dissemination of the advertising is going to change and will become less important in the beginning of the program. She should leave during the whole of this last year… As was the case when watching tv.

This device free, named AVoD (for Advertising, VOD) is based so obviously on the advertising. To enjoy it you must always use a user account, which will allow to regroup the information in order to propose an advertising offer ” enriched data “.

Nevertheless, one may wonder whether this transformation platforms replay would have an impact on Salto. The Netflix to the French, who had to be put in place by TF1, M6 and France Television, just to show the tip of his nose. We can therefore imagine that the major players in the world of television are closing in on themselves. A solution that seems hardly viable in the long-term deal with the power of the american giants.