The specials / refurb Mac mini to 459 €, MacBook Air at 899 € and MacBook Pro 13” 1799 €

All the machines are present today on the refurb, with the exception of the Mac Pro. Today, it should be noted, among others, the back of the Mac mini to 459 €. Of course this is not the 2014 model. The range of output last year, is also proposed in the catalog, but the prices are higher. The first configuration starts to 759 €.

IF you are looking for a laptop at a low price, it always finds the MacBook Air at 899 € on Amazon. If it is too expensive for your budget, think about making a turn on iOccasion, our classified service. The refurb, for its part, offers a selection of MacBook Air, 2018 from 1149 €.

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar are not yet on the refurb, for their part, but we begin to find at reduced prices here and there. The input range is offered at 1799 €, on the site of Baker, on Amazon as well as on the website of the Fnac.

The prices are also aligned on the model 13” with 512 Gb SSD : 2138 € either at Amazon or Baker. The discount is less important than on the other model, but this still represents a discount from 111 € on the price of the Apple Store.