The tire without compressed air and indestructible Michelin test at GM

A tire without air and therefore indestructible, it is the latest development of the French group Michelin. The originality of Uptis, for ” Single Puncture-proof Tire System “, it is its combination of a rubber composite and fibreglass resin. Its outer ring of the shear reproduces what is expected of a pneumatic, but without compressed air.

Designed for a world stand-alone

These technologies must allow the tires Uptis to be used by passenger cars, including at normal speeds. The prototypes of the competition are usually limited to low speeds. Michelin promises that despite the appearance of these new wheels, less engaging, that of a normal tire, the driving comfort will be the same.

Evidence of the seriousness of Michelin, it is the american giant GM, which will test in real conditions the tires Uptis. The experiment will begin as early as this year on a fleet of Chevy Bolt. The finalised version of these tires should be available on the market as early as 2024.

The technology Uptis has been developed for a world where the electric car and self-contained is queen. With tires that are virtually indestructible, it is not necessary to transport in the trunk of his car a spare wheel, which lightens the vehicle and reduces fuel consumption. The passenger cars feature what type of tires does not have to fear the nail on the road that ruin a trip…