The USB4 will be finalized this summer, with performances lined up on the USB 3.2

The completion of the standard USB4 is on the rails, the technical details are expected to be published this summer, with more practical information in September, has announced that the USB Promoter Group. Of what to expect the first materials to the end of 2020.

The format of the connector is known, it is the design reversible used for USB-C. The compatibility is promised with the previous generations of the USB standard.

This USB 4 will double the performance of USB 3.2 up to a maximum of 40 Gbit/s, with certified cables. Based on the Thunderbolt 3, which we can ask how it will fare in the future, he will be able to manage external monitors, transfer of data and power to the device.

Its proponents put forward the capacity of the new protocol to optimize the exchange of data, depending on the devices connected and their needs.

This breakthrough will result in a new name and all the trimmings marketing so as to distinguish this USB 4 of its predecessors.