The Voice 8 : Leona Winter eliminated, Whitney made the show in spite of his crutch !

Saturday 1 June 2019, the French channel TF1 , which was broadcasting a new episode of direct of The Voice 8 and not the least : the semi-final ! Jenifer, Mika, Soprano and Julien Clerc must decide between the Talents still playing in the famous tv-hook. A night scope by Nikos Aliagas and Karine Ferri.


Sidoine : Fly Celine Dion

After having resumed The Marseillaise, Sidoine had seduced his coach singing Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Two benefits widely welcomed by the public and the jurors ! This Saturday, the young man chose to sing Fly by Celine Dion, a tribute to a loved one recently lost. “I trusted him on this song once again and I did well. It has this elegance, this sober… He has the taste for risk, it will cause the emotions, hurt and at the same time stay within a certain modesty, that I find very respectable, “says Jenifer, under the charm.

Leona Winter : Die on stage of Dalida

The transformist had taken over Eddy de Pretto, a service very moving, and then Tina Turner in the past week. “One is in Las Vegas !“, had exclaimed Jenifer, completely conquered. Besides, the coach had chosen to keep the artist ! Tonight, on the Dalida, Leona Winter offers a live performance. At the end of the show, she takes off her wig, a strong image of the part of the artist ! “You have a master’s degree, a technical voice to question, and you have the bottom. You are a true artist, Leona, “says Jenifer.

Before the verdict, Jenifer interprets its title My revolution with his two Talents, Sidoine and Leona Winter.

The Talent of Jenifer chosen by the public is Sidoine. Leona Winter, is therefore eliminated.


Gjon”s Tears : Life on Mars by David Bowie

Two weeks ago, it is on S. O. S d’un terrien en distress of Daniel Balavoine that Gjon”s Tears had been proven. And last Saturday, it is by resuming Rocket man Elton John as the artist had made the show ! Tonight, Gjon”s Tears interprets Life on Mars by David Bowie. A performance that wowed the four coaches and even Nikos Aliagas. “Frankly, all I can say is thank you very much ! I chose the songs, but it is you who has done the job, it is a performance in beauty, in tenderness… I had goose bumps, “says Mika.

Whitney : Make you feel my love Bob Dylan picked up by Adele

His recovery For you to love me still from Céline Dion was made unanimously last week. Let us recall that it was the first time that Whitney, barely 19 years old, singing in French. Tonight, the young woman interprets Make you feel my love… on crutches. Not stable at the level of the legs, she was able to do the show. On the advice of Mika, the pretty brunette has vibrated to the sound of the words. “Thank your coach, you have found the song that has made the genius of the great Bob you have touched tonight, “said Julien Clerc.

Together, Gjon”s Tears, Whitney, and Mika will interpret the tube to the coach to Relax, take it easy.

The Talent of Mika, chosen by the public is Whitney. Gjon”s Tears is thus eliminated.


Clement : The quest of Jacques Brel

After two beautiful services, Somebody to Love of Queen and then As you go to Jean-Jacques Goldman, Clement’s interest to be at the height ! Tonight, he sings of The quest by Jacques Brel, a song that resonates in him. “This is my story“, lance-t-he in justification of his choice. A nice performance ! “Vocally, he showed us that he can climb, descend, do stuff mastered without doing too much, ( … ). It is someone who is only growing, he deserves his place, “said Soprano.

Vay : As Stevie Wonder

Tonight, Vay plays its place in the famous talent show singing Ace of Stevie Wonder, a title chosen by Soprano. Needless to say, the young Talent has no other choice than to be at the height ! Successful Mission for Vay who seduces her coach. “Today, to see him sing with Stevie Wonder, to see it lived… it is what I like in him. I wanted him to control his talent, this is what he has done !“, lance Soprano, conquered. Julien Clerc note that the young singer is “feeling, feeling“.

Together, Vay and Clément resume a title Soprano : Cosmo. In full delivery, the coach joined them on stage for a trio of explosive.

The Talent of Soprano chosen by the public is forgiving. Vay is thus eliminated.


Leonard : I’m still standing Elton John

Last week, he had achieved one of the “best performances of the evening” as pointed out by Mika. This evening, Leonard resumes I m still standing Elton John, a rock song that speaks to him since it says to feel good in her skin for only one year. A performance full of energy ! “Honestly, Leonard, you have everything torn apart !“, lance Soprano. “I take my hat off because I’m unable to do what he has done“, states Julien Clerc. Of nice compliments.

Pierre Danaë : The Scientist Coldplay

Pierre Danaë was surprised and especially seduced into picking up Hey Jude from the Beatles, to his way the past week. Tonight, he’s performing Coldplay. “I believe that there, he has managed to make us feel, and this is what he wanted, the same emotion that for the K. O (…). He returned this evening to the music that he loves. And as it was very beautiful, thank you, “says the coach.

Before discovering the verdict, Leonard and Pierre Danaë sing with Julien Clerc, the famous title When I play.

The Talent of Julien Clerc chosen by the public is Pierre Danaë. Leonardo is thus eliminated.

Summary of the teams at the end of the premium :

Team Jenifer : Sidoine.

Team Mika : Whitney.

Team Soprano : Clement.

Team of Julien Clerc : Pierre Danaë.

By appointment Thursday 6 June 2019 from 21h on TF1 to follow the grand final of The Voice 8 !