This shell allows you to add buttons on your smartphone

The buttons are becoming increasingly rare on our smartphones, which look more and more in simple screens. This reduction of parts saves money, but requires the development of a gestural control more successful. However, this way of use his or her device is not suitable for everyone.

Researchers from the university of Colombia are, therefore, set out to create a shell, able to add different types of buttons to a smartphone. As you can see, it is flexible and allows you to reposition the keys and other knobs, called Vidgets, the way you like.

Even more impressive, it works without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or battery ! It uses the gyroscope of the device in a very precise manner in order to detect the motion of the smartphone during the press of the button. These have been especially designed to create vibrations specific, which make them easier to recognize.

Credits : Gizmodo

The device can even be more effective than expected. This is especially the case when a zoom for a photo or a video. The action requires often to use two fingers to pinch the screen, which prevents us from seeing clearly what is happening. With this hull, you are more free in your movements and enjoy a better visibility. The researchers detailed their work on this document.

This idea could greatly improve the practice of the video game on the smartphone, which uses often virtual buttons. She would no longer hide a part of the screen with his fingers at actions, basic.

However, all is not yet fully developed. The system is based on the detection of vibrations, it can be misleading when the smartphone rings or is used on the road or in the subway. But however, this will be corrected in the future, notably because the hardware of the smartphones continue to evolve, and “stalking” to be a better user (and other metrics) for app fitness. An invention very useful for those who want to feel something under their fingers !