Three astronauts are returning to the fold, after six months aboard the ISS


It is without a doubt with a hint of nostalgia that the three astronauts have touched Land in the steppes of kazakhstan at 4h47 yesterday morning. They leave behind them the other three astronauts of the Expedition 59 remained aboard the ISS : Christina Koch, Nick Hague and veteran Alexey Ovchinin, who have celebrated Saturday their 100th day in a row in the space. The latter two had also known a few ups and downs. They were supposed to leave for the ISS in October last year, but their Soyuz rocket was forced to emergency landing after an engine problem.

They are now well installed in the station, which Ovchinin has since taken the command. The three astronauts returned to the ISS aboard the same Soyuz that was sent on 3 December last year, after 204 days in orbit, for a total of 3264 rotations land and approximately $ 139 million kilometres travelled. Dizzying.

The expeditions to the ISS : (almost) a routine, with his accustomed

They had joined the ISS in the framework of the mission , Expedition 58, during which high school students floridiens were able to chat live with Anne McClain. The mission focused on experiments in fluid mechanics in microgravity, as well as maintenance operations.

The arrival of the last three astronauts marked the transition with the mission Expedition 59. In the program : the test in real conditions of the Astrobee, a strange robot-cubic-purpose utility, but also the test of a nano-satellite. And as usual, the traditional maintenance : when your window overlooks a vacuum, it’s best not to skimp on the cleaning and maintenance.

FranceInfo recalls some interesting figures on shipments of 58 and 59 : Oleg Kononenko has spent 737 days in orbit, which places it at a small mission to beat the all-time record of 879 days. It is currently owned by Russian Gennady Padalka. The latter is also part of the few astronauts to have worked on the ISS but also on the Mir station, the former flagship of the engineering space to the sauce soviet.

Christina Koch, she should beat the record of Peggy Whitson, who has spent 288 days on the ISS between 2016 and 2017, and holds the women’s record for the longest stay in space. This last, is a biochemist by training, is one of the astronauts, the most seasoned of NASA. And if his name evoke you something, it may be because it had been co-member of staff of Thomas Pesquet during the mission , Expedition 50, between October 2016 and April 2017.