Tina Kunakey in a bikini for the first time since the birth

Tina Kunakey is a young mother to be filled. On June 9, 2019, the wife of Vincent Cassel has posted in his story Instagram several shots of herself in the full tanning session. But beyond the gorgeous swimsuit summery and colorful Tina, what you notice is her belly already (very) flat. Two months after the birth of his little girl the Amazon, Tina Kunakey seems to have regained her hourglass original.

Always very natural, Tina Kunakey strikes a pose for his 976 000 subscribers. Curly hair and poses lascivious, the beautiful brunette enjoys a sun bath. Lying in a bathing suit with a wet towel on the head, Tina Kunakey takes several shots to his body. First, you can see his chest (always) generous, thebottom of her face and her luscious mouth. The young woman post then a picture of it au natural, without makeup, just wearing a braid.

Finally, the time comes… Tina posts a photo of his belly already incredibly flat. This is the first time that Tina Kunakey unfolds as well since its birth on April 19 of her daughter, Amazon. Its beautiful silhouette had already made an appearance very noticed on the red carpet of the 72nd Cannes film Festival. Tina Kunakey (22 years old) and Vincent Cassel (52 years old) appeared very much in love. They had been sighted by the following train of pamper in the streets of Cannes.

The couple will celebrate in August next his first year of marriage.