Todd Howard and Elon Musk announce Youtube and Fallout Shelter for Tesla

© Teslarati

The E3 continues and the news are coming : the last announcement date is a signed Todd Howard… and Elon Musk. During a video conference relayed by The Verge, the two men announced that the title of Bethesda will follow the game platform independent Cuphead, announced on Tesla earlier this month. Musk took the opportunity to make a number of other announcements : in addition to Fallout Shelter, this is YouTube, which is also expected to land aboard Tesla.

The contractor has also submitted a demo video of Beach Buggy Racing 2… where the steering wheel of the car to control your vehicle in the game. An announcement as fun as anecdotal, which is more of the order of the substantive work on the image of the brand than the true selling point. Musk and Howard have joked about a port of The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, in the car more connected to the moment.

The Tesla in the text

If this doesn’t happen, of course not, it is clear that the online marketing of Tesla seems to be working, as Elon Musk continues on this path. Tesla is slowly, but surely, a place in the automotive industry : mid-way between luxury cars and dens of geek on four wheels, the vehicles are ultra-connected to the mark arouse a lot of interest due to their image of the future. As their famous autopilot, which has already given rise to a few stories, to say the least… weird.

Pending the democratization of the vehicles fully autonomous, there is obviously out of the question to take advantage of Fallout Shelter or YouTubeur favorite at the wheel. The system of a Tesla is still a support, and it is quite illegal to depend completely on it to arrive at good port. By contrast, the children of the owners of Tesla will refuse likely to accompany their parents do the shopping : it’s a safe bet that they will prefer now to stay quietly in the car…