Tyla and Jonathan (The Island of temptation) : Big upheaval after the shooting

Tyla and Jonathan (age 29, both participated in The Island of temptation 2019 to find out if they were really ready to live together. But very quickly, the young man and his companion close to of singles and drove off separate from the main adventure. What is it today ? They respond to Purepeople.

What are your relationships today ?

Jonathan : It is a little complicated. We are leaving separately at the last camp fire. But there has been a big misunderstanding because I was convinced that she had me fooled. After the shooting, Tyla sought to join. In the end, we put the things, to the point and we realized that we had very much the one to the other. You can not say that one is back together today, but we take the time and see where it takes us.

Have you been disappointed by one another during the adventure ?

Jonathan : obviously, it is the adventure that wants it. You can hardly see the negative images of his or her spouse so I’ve seen things disappointing, and vice versa. But once it is released, it takes a bit of hindsight, we can see things differently. I saw that Tyla was very affected by the images. I think now, our look has changed.
Tyla : yes, Indeed, at the time, it is the total disappointment. But with the benefit of hindsight, we rediscover things. I was in a spirit of vengeance after having seen pictures and it did the same thing.

As you say-you with the benefit of hindsight ?

Tyla : I say we have sought revenge, but there has been no betrayal real. After that, we would not have had to outbid every time. But he let himself be a little carried away by the images and the hate. We made films and the others will be added as a layer without intending to.
Jonathan : We said that we would not have had to be closer to all the singles. If it was to do over again, we would have done differently.

You still have to live together if it works out between you ?

Jonathan : It comes out of an adventure where there are still legacy, so we will see. We wanted to wait until the broadcast is completely over before getting back together. We review the images, so obviously, there are small, taken from head. So as I said, we take our time. We will consider not before the end of the year.

What are the consequences of dissemination on your relationship ?

Tyla : It’s not all negative things. In the end, Jonathan realized, seeing with the single that her closeness with the girls could hurt me. I reprochais for a year and a half, and he did not understand. But now, I’m not as much jealous.
Jonathan : generally speaking, I’m closer to girls than boys, and I’m pretty touch. But in my head there was nothing serious, even if it hurt. I told him that it was all in the states for not much. But seeing his reactions in the show, I decided to put water in my wine. Tyla has still seen that even if I was close to Yumee, it nothing happened.

I told Yumee that my heart was already taken

Do you think that Yumee was sincere ?

I know she was really attached to me. After the show, she wrote me to see you. I told him that I liked him, but my heart was already taken. I’m just on the networks, we don’t have a trade, out of respect for Tyla.

Tyla, have you reviewed Alex ?

No not at all. It does not seek to make new and me.

What do you think of the editing of the show ?

Tyla : The only thing I find unfortunate is that you see little scenes of life. We are visible may be under a different angle because everything was focused on possible reconciliations.
Jonathan : The program was revolved around this and it’s one episode per week, so it’s pretty concentrated. But sometimes, as said Tyla, people think that it is in the seduction 24h/24h, while there has been good times all together.

Is there a scene that has offended you ?

Tyla : I was shocked, this is the fierceness that had Yumee him climb on it, the paste and the fiddle. The girl had the slab. I had this feeling that she would occupy, it was very embarrassing. This is not your guy and you grimpes above. I saw that Jonathan wasn’t always comfortable with it. At no point in time it is said that his mother would see it.
Jonathan : for Me, it was the scene where Tyla follows Alex into the bathroom. I really thought that there had been a deception. I told myself that this was not the girl that I knew.

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