Updates change of place in the iOS App Store 13

The iOS App Store 13 loses its dedicated button for updates at the bottom of the screen. Instead, it is a button Apple Arcade, the games service by subscription, which will be launched in the fall. For the time being, it serves no useful purpose, but one can imagine that you can see the catalog of games offered on the service, subscribe and then download the titles.

The updates have not disappeared from the App Store, but they have changed places. They are now present in the view dedicated to your account, which is accessible by tapping your avatar in the top right of the home screen of the shop. When updates are available, a dot appears on your avatar, in addition to the icon of the app.

Of course, this is exactly the same thing on the iPad, and with iPadOS 13 :

If you have enabled automatic updates for apps, the difference will not be felt in everyday life. Otherwise, it is a new habit to take, but the presentation is quite similar to the previous one. Also, read the list of changes by touching the small button “More” is always as painful on iOS 13…