Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France 2019) won his first role in a series !

Vaimalama Chaves will add soon a new string to his bow. In fact, our beautiful Miss France in 2019, has landed a role in a famous series of French tour on his native island, Tahiti !

This is in Murder to Tahiti (France 3) that the pretty brunette of 24 years old will play. As had been revealed to our colleagues in TV Magazine, in this episode, Jean-Michel Tinivelli will interpret a police officer stationed in Tahiti. On-site, it will have to elucidate, with a young constable tahitian camped by Leslie Medina, a sordid case involving the body of a man found mutilated in a sacred temple.

No major role for Vaimalama Chaves but a beautiful beginning. The beauty queen will play a waitress in a beach club… who plays the ukulele ! The opportunity for it to push the song the time of a scene. “This will be very short, but it makes me happy to discover something new. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to play the comedy“, she entrusted to our colleagues.

In reality, this is not the first time that Vaimalama Chaves found himself in front of the camera. A few weeks ago, she turned, with Sylvie Tellier, a few scenes of Miss, a new film signed Ruben Alves. Then it follows the journey of a young man androgynous dreaming to become Miss France, the brunette plays its own role. “I played a silhouette, but also my own role because, in the movie, Miss France in 2019, is part of the jury of the election of Miss France 2020, she revealed. I realized that this was not so obvious. I have not had to speak but when I saw Sylvie Tellier, I had a lot of admiration for it because it takes memory, to be familiar with its text and have a good capacity of adaptation.