Vaimalama Chaves refuses to compete in Miss Universe, Camille Cerf reacts…

The decision of Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019, is a lot to talk about. The beauty queen 24-year-old said with a smile on her social networks that she had decided, against all expectation, do not present themselves to the international competition of Miss World or Miss Universe in the end of the year 2019. A choice unexpected, which made them react… Even Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015) has been invited to give its opinion on the question, this 26 June.

On Instagram, as she answered questions from fans, the girlfriend of Cyril, who has just start in the lingerie business, was able to read : “Vaimalama has refused the competition for lack of preparation, you had the choice you ? You are asked for your opinion for the international competitions ?” To which she replied without a language of wood : “It is true that I was part of Miss Universe, almost a month after my election. It is a competition very hard for which you need to feel ready ! If she doesn’t feel it, then she has reason not to go there. For my year in any case, we do not ask our opinion. But it seems that this year the choice of the Miss is respected. And I think it’s great !

As a reminder, on June 25, Vaimalama Chaves revealed actually have no intention to participate in the contest Miss World or Miss Universe at the end of the year, which has inevitably disappointed some fans. “You’ve been numerous to ask me what international competition I was going to participate this year. And none of you has suggested that, perhaps, I would to none of them. As many of you know, the girls are going to come to prepare for Tahiti and I can’t not be there. To live the life you want to have, it is necessary to give up what you don’t want to. And me, I want to be here. So, I chose Polynesia at the expense of Miss Universe and Miss World, irrespective of the date on which it will take place (…) To soon-to nowhere !“, launched it on its social networks.