Vanessa Demouy : “The therapy has helped me a lot”

Vanessa Demouy is a woman well in her sneakers, and she wants you to know ! The actress, who has made his arrival in the series Tomorrow belongs to us , where she embodies the character of Rose Latour, is now soothed emotionally and fulfilled by his career. But this has not been a course of health…

With an early career as a model and actress started in adolescence, Vanessa Demouy has experienced early success and its unpleasant effects, such as the “look unhealthy” brought on it by men who saw a kid with a “very sexual” in spite of it. “I was rather reserved, I found my monotonous life… The idea of living a thousand lives through this profession I was attracted to. (…) My career path has been chaotic, painful, sometimes, but it has led me to what I am today. I look at him with much tenderness, “she says with the benefit of hindsight. The star adds, however, does not do its job for the same reasons as in the past. “I treat myself ! I’ve done a lot of work on myself, therapy has helped me a lot. At the beginning of my career, I am so questions asked… Now, I’m going to more to the point“, jure-t-it.

Vanessa Demouy, who adds that they do not regret not having made a career in cinema when it has a card in the tv and theatre – “I will become can be a great actress when I will be a grandmother !” –, does not lack to mention his life as a woman. Divorced from Philippe Lellouche, who has recently admitted to having been unfaithful, she tells of receiving “even a few marriage proposals” while the look on it has, however, changed. Her role as a mother is no stranger to this. “This side mom has erased the seduction, “says the star, mother of Solal, (16 years old) and Sharlie (8 years). The beautiful is also said to be open to love and, if she cites his father’s example, she ensures, however, that the man who will share his life “should not be a ‘father’” because it has one already !

Thomas Montet

The interview of Vanessa Demouy is found in the two of Us, on newsstands June 4, 2019.