Véronique Genest thinned to 36 pounds : “I could no longer walk”

On Monday 24 June 2019, Véronique Genest will make its grand return on TF1, in Camping Paradise, at the side of Laurent Ournac. The actress of 62 years, which was blurred with the first string for the past two years, embodies a grand-mother invasive. On this occasion, she responded to the questions of our colleagues from Paris. And she did not escape a question about his crazy weight loss.

It is 36 kilos lighter than it will appear in the famous series. A physical transformation that she needs to… to acupuncture. “It is thanks to it that I picked the size I had before. This weight loss has changed everything in my life. It has given me back the morale. I couldn’t walk, I hurt all over, I was sweating like a pig. It was a period very hard, “said Véronique Genest.

She was then admitted to our colleagues that her weight gain had made him lose all confidence in it, to the point of having had the “urge to kill” when she looked in the mirror. “I couldn’t take my picture“, she concluded.

Véronique Genest had already mentioned his weight loss several times. Last march, she explained to the magazine the two of Us will be rid of not less than 40 pounds. She was also back on her weight gain : “It really started when I stopped smoking. I have compensated with food, less sport…” The actress had then said that,”for personal reasons related to the health of a loved one“, it had been driven in spite of itself in a vicious spiral : “We grow, we lose, we grow, and then one day, one does not lose any more. I had beautiful me starve, I had no result.”