ViceLeaker retrieves illegally a maximum amount of data Android devices

Kaspersky reveals the existence of this malicious application called Triout. She hides a campaign of illegal gathering of data is very large, that the security researchers have called ViceLeaker.

Attention to the APK ladles

The main vector of the infection of Triout is not the Play Store, but an APK file (an Android application) that the hackers will transmit by mail to their victims, via WhatsApp or Telegram for example. The malware is distributed as widely as possible through group discussions.

Users of these couriers who do not pay attention quickly to install Triout, which, once warm in the memory of the smartphone is daunting damage. The app siphons off a maximum amount of data and allow complete access to the device. Everything, from SMS to WhatsApp messages, history of web browsing and calls, or even photos saved.

Triout is also able to take pictures without the user’s knowledge, and even record videos with a duration of 80 seconds. A real danger, therefore, present for 2016 and that has spread to the Middle East. The campaign ViceLeaker could reach Europe in the coming months.

As always, in order to avoid this kind of bad surprises, it is better to avoid to install apps from sources that are dubious or unknown.