Vincent Dedienne : The actor has a new love

Two years after the cardstock on the stage, in his one-man show and in The Game of love and chance, directed by Catherine Hiegel with the Theatre of the Porte Saint-Martin, Vincent Dedienne takes the word in the magazine She, on newsstands Friday, June 14, 2019. Theactor openly homosexual gives his news and mentioned that celebrity almost sudden when he comes to shoot a film with Catherine Deneuve, The Embrace, which is due in 2020. Our colleagues slip in passing that Vincent Dedienne has a new lover.

Looking back on his career, the actor of 32 years tells the story of how humor has been his weapon while he has always found it very ugly. Vincent Dedienne explains that a love affair and the realization of her childhood dreams – to go on stage and meet Muriel Robin have done a lot of good to his self-love : “I’ve gone through everything at the same time. The history of love has broken the mouth but I find myself less ugly now.” And to add : “The notoriety has heightened the little boy that I was.”

Today, the one who has given the reply to the idol Catherine Deneuve is in love again. We do learn little more than that, not even the first name of the elected official.

In October 2017, when he got one over on the stage with his show , If something happens, Molière’s humor in that year, Vincent Dedienne entrusted already to Paris Match : “At the time of high school, I was focused on the girls, but yes I galérais serious. And it is the humour that saved me, it was a weapon. I have always dreamed of being a very beautiful boy. If I refaisais a life, I would choose the icon sexual. Humor, that is the beauty of the poor. But kid, this allowed me to have friends, to be looked at. Even today, I spend my life saying that I am ugly, even though I’m a little more comfortable with myself.