Virginie Efira : In love with her prince Niels Schneider at Roland Garros

They met in 2017 on the filming of An impossible love. Since, Virginie Efira (41 years old) and Niels Schneider (31 years old) does not leave more. They are in love and it shows ! Arrived hand in hand at the village of Roland-Garros, the couple posed in front of photographers on June 7, 2019.

10 years of gap

To attend the match, Virginie Efira chose a casual outfit : jeans and a jacket (in case the rain would make on the court). Niels Schneider has decided for a chino trouser in beige accompanied by a shirt and a jacket. Now nicknamed “the Prince” by Virginie Efira, it was brought to its knees for her on the red carpet of the Cannes film Festival in the month of may. She then posted a photo on her behalf Instagram with the caption : “For any shoe recalcitrant, there is always a prince to the appointment… Thank you Niels…” This time, Niels Schneider will not need to help his partner to adjust her shoes as she chose to wear a pair of sneakers. Simple, chic and elegant !