watchOS 6 : voice Recorder, Shazam, Calculator… these small additions practices

watchOS 6 arrives with a new small apps practices. Calculator, Siri/Shazam, voice Recorder, and Books perform a task without the help of the iPhone, which will be able to stay in the pocket.

The simplest of these apps, but not less useful, is Calculator, a copy of the iOS version (except for the scientific mode that is obtained by turning his iPhone).

It is enough to do simple operations and has a function of calculating units to pay for an addition to the restaurant, taking into account the tip (which will probably be used least among us, where the tip has not the same importance).

Shazam, the subsidiary of Apple, takes up its quarters on the Apple Watch through Siri. You ask the wizard what is the song that one hears and the answer fuse. Subscribers to Apple Music have a button to add that title to a playlist.

A utility that should prove very useful during meetings or interview, it is the voice Recorder on the watch. A complication starts recording through the microphone of the Apple Watch.

The files are synced by iCloud with the other versions of voice Recorder on the iPhone and the Mac. With this first beta, however, this synchro is not yet operational.

Your interlocutor may know that he is saved ? The complication Recorder does not display any animation showing it in action. And then you can go on a different dial, without this complication. There is just an icon (tiny) micro displayed at the top of the dial.

The complication Recorder to the left, above the calendar

However, when you turn the screen off, as soon as a movement of the wrist back on, it is the interface to the voice Recorder that automatically switches to the foreground, clearly visible.

This app will be convenient to save and then to put in writing a conversation as it will play more easily with the playback controls on your wrist. This is the sound picked up, it is satisfactory. You can listen to the audio file with its AirPods or through the loudspeaker of the watch.

Finally, the app audio Books swerves to the watch listen to and control of these books to listen to. The transfer of a book in the storage space of the Apple Watch from the app Watch on iPhone.

We have access to the list of chapters, to the last position of playback — synchronized with the other versions of the apps — as well as his collection of books purchased from Apple. In the state, the app worked around but it is quite unstable.