Wave automatic increases of the packages at B&You

If you have a package B&You, take five minutes to check your emails on your space client Bouygues Telecom. Several readers have received an email informing them that their package was going to ” evolve “ over the next few weeks.

Sebastian goes to see his package B&You 50 Gb to spend 70 Gb for 3 € more per month. Dominique will be 80 Gb instead of 50 for £ 3 more months.

The evolution is in both cases automatically. If the client doesn’t want this additional charge, it should go off itself (a link is present at the end of the mail).

The automatic increase has become a common practice at Bouygues Telecom and SFR. The two operators offer significant discounts without any time limit (even at the moment, with a package of 40 Gb at $ 9.99/month at B&You, for example), but raise their prices after a while if one is not paying attention.