We mounted the set of Lego Stranger Things and it is spent in the Upside Down

Fan of the series and as the season 3 long-awaited beginning in less than a month on Netflix, we have purchased this set. The latter sets the stage for the real world against the famous “Upside Down “, a parallel dimension that coexists with ours.

We will thus take ten hours to reproduce the home of Byers and its reversed version with many details making reference to the last two seasons of the series. Thus, the chamber Will, the living room and the dining room with the famous ouija board, not to mention the outside of the house. Seven characters, the Demogorgon, the bike Will and the police vehicle with the sheriff’s Hopper without also of the party, a real treat for the fans !

All mounts quite easily, into several parts and at the end you bring it all together. The manual includes two books, they are also the colours of the series, and since recently, you can also download it directly on your smartphone via an app dedicated to them.

This set, LEGO Stranger Things is already available on the website of Lego for 199,99 euros, a perfect gift for father’s day for example ! Watch our Twitter account, this set will soon be up for grabs !