When the designer of the Apple Stores think of Our Lady

Credit : Eight Inc.

The Senate has adopted in first reading, on may 27th, the text that will govern the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris. It includes an amendment to the reconstruction of Notre-Dame is closer to the original :

-require that these works depict the monument in the last visual state known before the disaster (amt rapporteur’s COM-31 – item 2) ;

This implies notably the respect of materials and architectural techniques of the original. It, however, has not prevented some of ideas, sometimes very distant from the basic idea : the firm previous Godart+Redheadl, for example, has proposed a reconstruction of the whole glass. Denis Laming, architect of the Futuroscope, the proposed glass roof removable. It was explained in the beginning of may, the Figaro did not want a simple “copy”, but also allow the building to register in the future :

The roof can not be restored because it has disappeared, it can only be reconstructed and the reconstruction exactly the same way doesn’t really make sense. This would mean that we would do a copy […] Notre Dame must be fully respected, but must also register in the future so that it continues to radiate. It is necessary that it remains a beacon.

Everyone wants “his” Notre-Dame

Today, it is the turn of Eight Inc, the firm at the origin of the style of the Apple Store, to submit his vision for the future of Our Lady. A project that is expected to grow loud screams to the more conservative, already outraged by the project of Denis Laming. The u.s. bureau wishes to rebuild the entire roof, and even the arrow in the glass. A proposal judged to be “So inappropriate that it is at the limit of the parody” by Devin Coldewey of Techcrunch. The founder of the firm, Tim Kobe, of course, is not of this opinion and defends his idea in the columns of Dezeen :

I believe that this example of French gothic architecture requires a deep respect and appreciation for the history and intent of the original design. This should not be a story of ego about a new architectural expression, but a solution to honour this historic structure.

Some are obviously wind standing against this initiative, deemed “against the order of nature”, as the’architect Roland Castro, who thundered in the face of the journalists of the Parisian : “It is not in Miami !”

The fundraiser was a great success, even to the point of causing some reactions of incomprehension. The money should not be the main obstacle to reconstruction, but the debate continues to rage between the purists and followers of the revival. Even if the Senate has decided, the debate has not finished rage. If you are not satisfied by any of these solutions, you can always fall back on the beads from the design competition which had been launched, compiled here by Creapills.