Winky : the robot that teaches code to children

By 2030, the number of robots could exceed the number of human beings present on our planet. Winky is a robot education for children aged 5 to 12 years, designed to help children understand the operation of a robot and learn the basics of computer programming in a fun way.

Indeed, the various behaviors of the robot are directly programmable from the application Winky-Lab on a smartphone or tablet. It will also be possible to learn how to assemble Winky, thanks to a tutorial in 24 steps. To go further, the environment Winky-Lab allows kids to create their own applications Winky. For example, they can transform Winky in the morning wake up or even create new interactive games.

Play without tablet, only or in family, games, smart

Once the application is programmed on the tablet since the Winky-Lab, it is possible to independently play with Winky. Families can play free tablet games smart as the game’s “memory eyes” a memory game where it is necessary to remember expressions of Winky, or the game of “the beat box” where it is necessary to remember the melody which was made with the touch-sensitive areas of Winky. A true journeyman, Winky is able to interact in real time with the children to encourage or, on the contrary, to help them correct their mistakes.

A robot is fully customizable

Each Winky can be totally customized by your child both in its appearance and in its behaviour. By connecting to the Winky-Fab, your children will have the possibility to change the appearance of Winky drawing of custom modules which will then be created with a 3D printer and delivered directly to your home. A starter kit including WinkyPanda, Winky-Rabbit or Winky-Cat will allow Winky to easily adopt the characteristics of their favorite animal.
It will also be possible to customize the behaviors as well as the level of sensitivity of Winky. As a result, children will have the opportunity to influence the personality of Winky. Thanks to its artificial intelligence built-in, the personality of Winky also evolves independently in the course of its interactions with its environment.

Winky is available for preorder on the platform of crowdfunding Ulule from 99 euros, for an expected delivery date in November 2019. It will be marketed at a price of 199 euros at its output.