With the engine streaming Orion, players iOS will be able to knock everything free in Doom 2016

Bethesda was not going to let the train go by streaming video games without attempting to ride in the lead car. The publisher of Fallout, Rage, Prey, and many others has unveiled Orion, its own gaming solution in the cloud. This technology aims to reduce the latency and the bandwidth needed to play in the best conditions to the most nags.

Orion has no chapel or platform of choice. All developers can take it over (an SDK is being offered), as well as publishers and providers of streaming services ; once installed in the game engine, Orion will optimize it depending on the quality of network access for the host device.

Bethesda promises a reduction of the latency up to 20% per frame, and bandwidth consumption reduced by 40%. The Orion technology, mainly software, is complementary to hardware developments for data centers. History of putting foot in the stirrup, the editor has given his violins with iD Software to open the public beta of Doom (2016) to players iOS, all for free !

The iPhone and iPad under iOS 11 and above, who will be enrolled to test the Orion will be able, with a little luck, you received an invitation to test the FPS in streaming. Bethesda does not give a date for its beta-public test, if it is later in the year. Of Android versions and PC will be offered in the future.

Doom (2016), formerly Doom 4, is the reboot of the famous saga, which has established, with Wolfenstein and a few others, the game genre of first-person shooter. Released in 2016 on the consoles and PC, the title has been well received by the critics and the players. The expectations are high behind our touch screens.