World cup : Siri, Alexa, and Google Wizard mark sometimes against their camp

Difficult to miss, the fever of the world cup soccer female was shot down over France, the host country with a team that defends pretty well. And whose exploits are closely followed from the start of the tournament ! But the competition is also followed by our wizards ? It is more complicated. To find out, we asked the same questions to Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. The results are mixed and none really stand out.

To question the most simple (” Who won the match yesterday ? “), Siri first asked to select a sport. Anything goes, cricket and golf via the mechanical sports. By selecting football from the list, the wizard of Apple returns the results of the matches of the day before ; it must, however, swipe the card down to get the score of the Blue.

Siri is a lot in any case better than Alexa (which gives the results of the baseball) and that Google Assistant, the latter delivering a series of links to the results. Stating the question (” Who won the football match yesterday ? “), Siri displays the results of all the meetings of the previous day beginning with the victory of Germany against Spain. Google Wizard is content always links. And Alexa, penaude, explains that she has found nothing.

Since it takes a good stroking in the direction of the hair its small tropic franchouillard, we asked our assistants,” Is it that France won yesterday ? “(hint : yes). Siri responds to side of the plate, asking to specify if one wants the results of the competitions of “basketball Olympic male “or the” international league of basketball “… Google Wizard announces a victory, but that of the football team and men against Andorra in the qualifiers for the Euro ! Only Alexa responds perfectly to the question.

The query “world Cup women ” allow the three wizards out of it a little better. They give interesting and complementary, even though everyone will not have the leisure to inform himself with the three wizards. This is Alexa, which offers the least information, but it is the only one to indicate the dates of the event… and the host country.

To the question any general ” Tell me everything about the football world cup “, Siri loses the pedals, and displays the result in the final of the world cup men’s last summer. Google Wizard gives an anecdote not uninteresting, but a bit out of context. Only Alexa comes out to a minimum by offering an excerpt of the file to Wikipedia.

For more information on the upcoming matches of the world cup, he will have to go fishing for info by yourself. The query “Calendar of the world cup ” does not give a clear result in any of the wizards. Siri spring the victory of France in the world cup in Russia, it is always a pleasure but this is not what we wanted. Google Wizard and Alexa are completely white cabbage.

As to when will the Blue ones, it is better to turn to Alexa, which delivers the correct answer (against Nigeria on June 17). The wizard from Amazon provides the next match of the qualifying round of the Euro for the men’s team. Google Assistant is only this latter information, in hopping channels purely and simply as the encounter of girls. Siri bangs completely to the side looking at the basketball.

In the light of this comparison (which has nothing scientific), it is difficult to determine a clear winner. Alexa has returned results on relevant questions related to the France team, Siri gets tangled a little with the brushes if you do not specify the sport desired, the Google Wizard disappoints by merely links or responses out of context.

Google has yet to put the package on the competition by informing in real time on the major highlights of the matches, statistics, pictures, and videos, doodles personalized home page, etc., To the discharge of the wizards, the coincidence of two competitions (world cup among girls and playoffs of the Euro for boys) can be a source of confusion.