WWDC 2019 : the developers take a jacket

Tomorrow is the opening of the WWDC with a keynote inaugural which promises to be loaded with new features. But as of today Sunday, the developers invited to the raout were able to take possession of their ticket, and most importantly, goodies slipped by Apple in their bag. They will get a reversible jacket, comes in multiple colours on one side, and a black classic on the other.

Thanks to Clément Sauvage (@clementsauvage) for the photos.

Last year, the jacket was scratched Levi’s jeans, but this is no longer the case for this edition. On the other hand, the pins are always at the rendez-vous, echoing the visuals of the WWDC and the flag of the country of the developer. These pins are magnetized, they are all alone on the jacket. No need to make a hole in it.