Xavier (12 o’clock) appears on the tv in a game worship !

When you already have hit the mother lode by winning a game show, it must be very seductive to try his luck in a new program !

This is not Xavier Mercier, one of the greatest champions in the history of the 12 Coups de midi (TF1), who will say the opposite, since the latter comes to participate in… Questions for a champion on France 3, the game cult led by Samuel Stephen, on 6 June 2019. To recall, during his long passage on the set of Jean-Luc Reichmann early 2013, Xavier – who was at that time unemployed – had finally collected the nice sum of 335 856 € 76 entries ! A sum that it should not, however, reach in the game of public Service.

In this context, it did not take long for the viewers of France 3 to recognize the one who had squatted the antenna TF1 during the winter of 2013. Today engineer in hydropower, Xavier Mercier has impressed with his general culture… and finally imposed at the end of the competition that day.

Questioned about the sequence of events by the facilitator, Samuel Stephen, Xavier, who had collected 500 euros, has stated that he wanted to stay in the game… As you know, Xavier is not about to leave his place and wants to win the jackpot of 31 600 euros !