Yves Calvi has been close to death because of the heat wave : it tells

A large part of France, is currently affected by the heat. A topic widely covered in the media since last week. On Wednesday 26 June 2019 for example, the team Let you try (RTL) has raised this subject. The opportunity for the presenter Yves Calvi to reveal that he had almost died a few years ago because of a big wave of heat.

The facts date back to the summer of 1976. The heat wave had invaded France and, to try to cool off a little, the journalist, 59 years old, 17 years old at the time, went to a cinema with air conditioning. He had opted for the movie Taxi Driver. But coming out of the meeting, the presenter of The Info on the true (Canal+) had been the victim of thermal shock. “I came out, I had a triple bronchopneumonia, due to thermal shock, which was very important, “explained Yves Calvi. The anecdote has left his team without a voice.

A person with this inflammation of the lung and bronchus develops a high fever, cough with sputum and breathing difficulties. To get rid, antibiotics or anti-inflammatory treatment are often sufficient. But in the case of complications, the infection requires emergency medical care or hospitalization, and can sometimes lead to death. Yves Calvi was a narrow escape !