40 million accounts Netflix have already seen Stranger Things 3

© Netflix

And just four day after its launch, the excitement doesn’t stop there : among these 40.7 million, 18.2 million would already have devoured the entire series ! It sped off, in fact, the program that started the strongest in the entire history of the streaming service. And this in spite of its catalogue bloated and full of great success, of the Drug traffickers to The Crown through House of Cards. Even the Murder Mystery, who cheerfully passed the 30 million views in just three days, made pale figure next to the adventures of the band of Eleven. Umbrella Academy, for its part, had put almost a month to reach the 40 million views…

This is not a surprise in itself, as Netflix did raise the pressure and anticipation for some time. It had been several weeks that this third season of the reality show star of the platform was teasée with great publicity and promotional events. Even Microsoft was set, and without doing things half-as the mother house of Windows had operated a real punch on the social networks shortly before the exit.

Stranger Things, a factory record

Now, it remains to see the different time of transition that will realize the series, especially after the brand’s fateful months of dissemination. It’s a safe bet that the series achieves a score without precedent, to put it at the top of the pantheon Netflix for a long, long time.

Normally, the series should be renewed at minimum for a fourth season, and potentially a fifth, as suggested by David Harbour (aka Hopper) to CNet.

For information, Netflix considers that an episode has been seen by an account if the account has watched at least 70% of the episode in question.