A japanese hotel installs a flight simulator in a room

© Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Those who have the habit of wandering from one hotel to another, know very well : as much a room disappointing can ruin a stay, some have a few surprises that may be real over-wrought.

It is with this in mind that a japanese hotel, the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu has given birth to an idea, to say the least far fetched : to provide a room with… a flight simulator all the options, only a few steps from your bed !

An idea that may sound completely absurd at first, but that takes its full meaning when one knows that the hotel is connected to Terminal 2 of Tokyo international airport. After the visuals available on the website of the hotel, some of the other rooms offer a direct view on the runway of the airport, thus allowing to observe the ballet of birds of steel.

© Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

A beautiful gadget that pays for expensive

Based on the cockpit of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, this simulator allows travellers to indulge in the joys of aviation before going down to have a snack at the restaurant of the hotel. But be careful : this will need to book a flight lesson with a flight instructor certified, for the modest sum of 250€ approximately, in addition to the 220€ that costs the room. In fact, customers are not allowed to use this simulator without supervision, according to Koam. For this price, you will be able to fly from the airport ofHaneda in the direction of one ofOsaka Itami, is a flight of approximately one hour which will pass near the famous Mount Fuji.

© Google Maps

The hotel does not specify what software it uses for its simulator : we therefore do not know if this is a simulator “professional” or a version intended for the general public, such as Flight Simulator that Microsoft has recently announced a new version – the first since 2014. But the cockpit itself is in any case stunning realism (at least in the eyes of a non-insider), with its plethora of switches and control screens.

A communication operation successful for the hotel, which has disbursed approximately 80.000€ to build this room like no other.