Adeline Blondieau, galley on the road, sharing her ordeal

Adeline Blondieau (48 years old) broke down on July 11, 2019 on the highway vacation. The mom of Wilona (8 years) and Aïtor (20 years) wanted to leave quietly in the South in the Camargue for a well deserved rest. But when her car broke down, the French actress has had to quickly call a convenience store for help.

On Instagram, she has shared her journey to his followers : “When your holidays start mode galley but you relativises arriving at the garage ! Convenience stores are nice this is !! #vivelesvacances #routedusoleil #camargue #overlook #galere #restonszen.

The shot of the failure

Followed by more of 3000 subscribers, his fans have not been slow to respond to the support. They comment : “It is always necessary to keep the Rock n Roll.. Attitude..“, “Courage Adeline . Of any heart with you and pass still of a good holiday“, “Good luck to you“. A sign that the actress takes things with philosophy, she took the time to make a photo-montage ironic about his situation is composed of a selfie and a shot of another car in a visibly worse than his own

The former star of Under the sun was finally able to get to the port because the next day it published a photograph of the feet in the water. So anxious to finally be able to enjoy her holiday, the star wrote : “Diving well deserved and fully dressed in MY pond! Happy holidays !!